Pro Hart

An Outback Legend

05/08/2017 -


Exhibition of one of Australia’s most iconic artists Kevin Charles ‘Pro Hart’ MBE. who was considered the father of the Australian outback painting movement.

He was destined to become one of Australia’s most famous, identifiable, richest, prolific and also controversial artists. Shunned by Australia’s art establishment for being ‘too commercial’ those less interested in style, and more in substance recognised that he was a naturally gifted artist who produced work straight from the heart, on the subjects he knew best.

His key to success can be seen with total clarity in this exhibition of his etchings and aquatints. His tremendous ease of the line in his drawings, the freshness of the colours, the at times humorous authenticity of the subjects, and the unpretentiousness of his characters all contribute to give his works tremendous appeal. Unlike some artists who produce works from the imagination, when we look at Pro Hart’s work we have the immediate sense that this artist was looking at his subject in person, knowing it and understanding it.

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