Deborah Lee Klein

Deborah Lee Klein. Dimensional Design & Illustrations

12/08/2020 -


As a result of Covid-19 Stage 3 restrictions this exhibition has gone virtual 24/7. We’re also posting regularly on Just contact us on 5331 7011 or use the contact form for all viewing or sales enquiries. “My work process is a form of meditation, requiring inner stillness and an awareness of when to step back and just let things be. I call myself an illustrator rather than an artist because I simply aspire to interpret what is in front of me – though the fragile status of my subjects, the delicate quality of their rendering and the essentially ephemeral nature of the materials I use might be seen as a statement in itself.”

“My work is an exploration of the possibilities inherent in the old craft of cut-paper illustration, reflecting my fascination with the infinite variety of life on earth, the fine natural science specimens to be found in every self-respecting Edwardian gentleman’s library, and the lyrical decorative traditions of Asia.

I use archival-quality fine art papers and water-soluble glue in creating my dimensional illustrations and forms. Founded on close observation and careful drawing, my designs are built from layers of paper that are embossed, cut and shaped.

The rest is light and shade.” Deborah Lee Klein


ALL: Edition 1/1, Archival papers; embossed, cut, shaped, Shadowbox frame

A Murder Of Crows 43 cm x 53 cm,  $ 950

Beneath The Surface 56 cm x 69 cm, $2650

Floating World I, 65 cm x 72 cm, $1850

Floating World II 72 cm x 65 cm, $1850

Floating World I – Reprised 56 cm x 69 cm, $1600

Frilled Lizard 45 x 53, $1450

Fruit Bats 45 cm x 53 cm, $ 950

Leaping Fish 58 cm x 44 cm, $ 850

Lyrebird 55 cm x 70 cm, $ 1850

Morels II 42 cm x 19 cm, $ 650

Pangolin 46 cm x 54 cm, $ 2750

Praying Mantis 44 cm x 53 cm, $ 1850

Resting Frog 23 cm x 24 cm, $ 350

Sea Turtles 53 cm x 69 cm, $ 1250

Turtles Sunning II 42 cm x 19 cm, $ 850

Two Turtles Sunning 32 cm x 32 cm, $ 750

Venus Rising 29 cm x 42 cm, $ 850

Voluptuous Inactivity – Reflection 56 cm x 69 cm, $1500

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