John Frederick Wentzel (1807-1869)

French Antique Posters (1880-1890)

21/08/2021 -


We’ve never had anything quite like these antique posters on exhibit in our gallery. They were published by Camille Burckardt and are part of a larger series of posters produced during 1880-1890 and printed using stone lithography in multiple panels.

All works have a spirit of playfulness and are set in a time of relative peace along the French and German border, between the Franco-Prussian and First World Wars. Many depict characters from earlier folklore, for example Til Eulenspiegel (Till Owl Mirror) whose life was set in the first half of the 14th century.
The Camille Burckardt printing company was located in Wissembourg, France and was a notable stone lithographic and letterpress imaging business. It was founded in 1831 by John Frederick Wentzel (1807-1869.) This company gradually diversified and Wentzel soon became very successful and prosperous. When he died in 1869 the company had eighteen lithographic presses, two textile printing presses and five stone etching presses. It employed twenty six typographical workers, sixteen designers and lithographers and more than one hundred and twenty colourists. Its productions were widely distributed throughout Europe and it had developed international recognition. The texts of his images are translated into German, English, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic.

All works are framed and available for purchase, either in person or 24/7 from our website shop link.

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