Jamie Boyd, Nathaniel Boyd, Arthur Boyd

From the Tuscan Hills and Beyond

01/12/2021 -


We are proud to be exhibiting artworks by Jamie Boyd and son Nathaniel Boyd, together with a selection of works by Arthur Boyd from the family collection. An exhibition that highlights the joy of creativity that has been handed down through three generations. There are over forty-five signed original artworks in this exhibition, including oils, pastels, collographs, etchings, lithographs and bronze sculptures. We invite you to visit our gallery and enjoy this wonderful exhibition.

Jamie Boyd Painting is a bit like keeping a diary but one that can be read by all. Looking at one’s own paintings that were painted many years ago can awaken a sense of nostalgia wrapped in reverie. The very brush strokes on the canvas are like a voice from the past. Sometimes this voice is unrecognisable as being that of the painter but it is however as insistent and clear as the day the paint was applied. I suppose this could mean that the landscape ( if that is the subject matter in hand ) took possession of the artist’s spirit just as the painter stole the forms of the landscape.

Nathaniel Boyd I have always felt that painting and sculpting share a great deal with performance. Sitting in a field painting the sky and distant hills, or working in the studio with a lump of clay, I endeavour to clear the mind and allow the work to happen; to be guided by an invisible force.

My career as a professional cellist has reinforced my belief in the sanctity of the particular moment of creation; I often feel performances of the same piece can feel completely different depending on the particular time and place that they are given. Likewise with my painting, I strive to be totally sensitive to the environment and specific moment: to allow that to inform my every brushstroke.
I was privileged to grow up surrounded by paintings and to join my father, Jamie, on painting trips from a young age, I learnt that the act of painting can bring you closer to the subject; the attention you give is rewarded by an enriched communion with, and appreciation for the landscape.   

Artistic Heritage – Nathaniel
I am the youngest of five children and we all grew up surrounded my many beautiful things and very proud of our artistic heritage: almost everyone in our family were artists! An interesting shift occurred however in the expressive outlets that my siblings and I gravitated towards; I have two musician and two actors’ siblings! For me the path was less clear however. I have trained and performed as a cellist all my adult life but my deep love of art and sculpture has meant a constant search to express myself through these mediums alongside my music.

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