Geoffrey Ricardo

Geoffrey Ricardo Exhibition

14/10/2020 -


Geoffrey Ricardo is a Melbourne based artist who essentially employs a figurative based narrative language. Drawing on a heritage of Surrealism and figurative expressionism the work explores personal and broader issues. Often tinged with humour and a feeling of the absurd, the images are in one way or another, a comment on the human condition. On first encounter the pictures are slightly satirical, comic or absurd. Underlying this there is a deeper questioning of human nature. Geoffrey Ricardo has held regular solo and group exhibitions since 1990. He is represented in various public and private collections in Australia and overseas.

Ricardo was born in 1964 Frankston, Victoria, Australia. He studied Fine Art (printmaking and painting) at C.I.T. Post Graduate and Masters of Fine Art in printmaking at Monash University after which he worked as a print assistant at Bill Young Studios editioning intaglio prints. Ricardo has been a sessional lecturer at Monash University for 7 years and guest lecturer at Victorian College of the Arts, R.M.I.T and P.I.T. Residencies at Canberra school of Art and U.W.A.


All: Limited Edition (LE) Etchings hand signed by the artist , Professionally Framed

Hearts 146 x 100mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $600

Gas Bag 120 x 102mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $500

Contents 102 x 80mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $400

Candela 122 x 98mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $500

Organist 121 x 103mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $600

Wordstorm 121 x 117mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $600

Ad Hominems 117 x 97mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $550

Natural History 112 x 96mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $600

Theorist 125 x 100mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $450

The Squeaky Wheel 129 x 111mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $450

Elephant Folio 123 x 102mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $550

Hive 122 x 102mm, Etching w/ premium glazing, $500

Big Foot 108 x 97mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $400

A La Carte 146 x 98mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $500

Deeper Meaning 107 x 102mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $550

Ex Libris 134 x 110mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $600

The Beastliest 137 x 100mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $550

Corporation 115 x 98mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $500

Adventure Time 122 x 101mm, Etching & Aquatint w/premium glazing, $450

Nest 144 x 98mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $450

Fiction 107 x 90mm, Etching w/premium glazing, $600

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