Australian works on Paper

Masters of Print

01/06/2019 -


Featuring works on paper of some of Australia’s most iconic Mid 20th Century Artists, including Arthur Boyd, Charles Blackman, Fred Cress, Sidney Nolan and John Coburn.

Already established as Australia’s most famous painters of their era, the print medium complemented their paintings and drawings and also made their work more accessible to connoisseurs and the general public in Australia and abroad. Many artists, such as Boyd, Nolan and Blackman explored in print ideas and images that they had already expressed on canvas. This was a way of developing themes more extensively than in the painting medium. Two prints in this exhibition by Arthur Boyd, River Bride II and III are examples. Set in the landscape of the Shoalhaven River they are a lighter incarnation of his 1958 painting in the National Gallery of Australia Bride Reflected in a Creek. The complete series of 31 paintings in the National Gallery of Australia examines the relationship between white Australians and Aboriginal people. Other iconic themes explored in this exhibition are Pro Hart’s close-ups of insects and animals, Charles Blackman’s Midsummer Night’s Dream series, and Sidney Nolan’s Gallipoli series. Images of some works in this exhibition are below:

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