Gordon Monro

Shaping Evolution

01/10/2016 -


Gordon Monro’s exhibition is a unique collection of computer generated images.

The artist draws inspiration for his visual art from a different perspective, that of science and mathematics. Gordon has written his own computer programs to generate these stunning works of art that are a complex interpretation of DNA and evolution. Each imaginary creature in Shaping Evolution was evolved by the computer program and has “DNA” (a small amount of data in the computer) that generates its image. The creatures were evolved from random starting DNA by processes of “breeding”, “mutation” and “survival of the fittest”, carried out automatically in the computer. In some cases, 200 generations of evolution were carried out before the image was created and often this took months to evolve. Gordon’s works have been exhibited or performed in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and the Americas. He is a resident of Ballarat and has a PhD in Pure Mathematics (Bristol, UK) and also recently completed his second PhD in Fine Art (Monash University.) Read more about Gordon Monro’s exhibition as published in The Courier.

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