Bob Jenyns

The Art of the Traveller

05/10/2018 -


First retrospective of artworks by Australian artist Bob Jenyns (1944-2015), includes lithographs, sculptures, screen prints, woodcuts, oil on canvas and oil pastel on paper.

Jenyns was a prolific artist whose practice spanned over four decades and is represented in many of the country’s largest collections, including: National Gallery of Australia, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Queensland Art Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art in Brisbane, and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. His work is distinctive in style and demonstrate his witty sense of humour and passion for art. Bob and his wife Lorraine Jenyns (a ceramic artist of equal standing) were a dynamic creative force, working, teaching and producing art which has been enthusiastically embraced by Galleries, Museums and the public throughout their long careers. We feel extremely privileged to have been selected by his wife to exhibit these artworks that are as fresh and relevant today, as the day Bob Jenyns created them.

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