Norman Lindsay

The Studio Photographs

09/09/2017 -


Outrageous, scandalous, bohemian and a genius, Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) was a controversial figure in the world of art.

His works defied categorisation, and yet his voluptuous often classically inspired compositions were without doubt the work of a master draftsman and gifted painter. He grew up in Creswick (less than 20 km from Ballarat) but found the small-town conservatism a stifling environment for his creative spirit.

Lindsay ultimately moved to the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, where he found the right environment for his multifaceted creativity. These extraordinary photographs, (gelatin silver prints from Lindsay’s glass plates), document his life from this period. A writer, printmaker, sculptor and painter, these photographs depict the artist and his models as they lived in his private world amidst the natural beauty of the Australian bush.

On exhibit are enlargements of studio photographs of the Lindsay family dating from 1909-1914 prepared from ‘lost’ glass negatives. These were taken by Norman Lindsay, his brother Sir Lionel Lindsay and a close family friend Keith Wingrove. Signed and numbered by the publisher Lytlewode Press. The edition of each of the enlarged images is limited to 150 proofs, the first 50 of which are set aside for publication in a Portfolio planned for March 2018.

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